Flexible Carbon Fiber | Carbitex CX6


Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has the highest tensile strength of any commercially available fiber. And within its operating limits, it doesn't stretch. Carbitex CX6 harnesses these key characteristics in an exceptionally flexible form - enabling carbon fiber performance in soft applications. Applications include footwear, sports equipment, and travel products.



  • Power Transfer
    Power Transfer

    Low stretch property increases power transfer.

  • Immediate Response
    Immediate Response

    Quick power transfer enables rapid response.

  • Precise Control
    Precise Control

    Virtually no elongation enables precise control.

  • No Creep
    No Creep

    No stretch under constant load.

  • More With Less
    More With Less

    Use less to achieve results. Lower weight and less bulk.

  • Aesthetic Options
    Aesthetic Options

    Over 30 combinations of weaves, weights, colors, and finishes.

  • Tunable
    Tunable Performance

    Tensile strength, abrasion resistance, UV stability, tongue tear, etc.

  • Manufacturing Integration
    Manufacturing Integration

    Compatible with traditional cut-and-sew methods as well as advanced manufacturing methods.