Our technology was developed to eliminate compromise and maximize human performance.

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Carbitex was founded in 2012 by Junus Khan. With three patented technologies, OmniFlex, MonoFlex, and GearFlex.

We are the pioneer and leader in flexible carbon fiber composites.

Providing unique benefits that are backed by rigorous lab and field testing, along with a truly felt experience, Carbitex flexible carbon fiber composites set a new proven standard.

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From The Garage To The New Standard

Working in the high end auto industry, Junus Khan was familiar with traditional carbon fiber and it’s applications, but believed that, as a relatively new advanced material, it’s possibilities were just starting. 

“The premise essentially was, carbon fiber is this advanced material, it’s still new. I think we can harness its properties in a different way. Let me just try to prove that.”
— Junus Khan

Armed with a deep sense of curiosity, relentless optimism and the tenacity to challenge convention, Junus set out to prove his theory. He started in his garage with a small press, oven and various tools to create prototype carbon fiber composites.

A year of prototyping later, Junus tuned to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to run specific tests on their equipment.

“They ran our materials on the lab equipment they had. It was the proof of concept we were looking for.” 

These tests validated the idea that properties of carbon fiber could be harnessed to create entirely new performance. From this foundation, OMNIFLEX, MONOFLEX, and GEARFLEX (formerly known as CX6, AFX and DFX) were born. 

Each technology unlocks unique characteristics of carbon fiber that have never-before been achieved and that eliminate compromises of traditional materials. 

Commercializing A New Standard

We’ve long since outgrown the garage we started in and now occupy multiple facilities, with employees both in Washington state and in Asia. Since our start in 2012, we’ve worked with amazing brands across industries to bring our unique characteristics to their consumers. Our first two customers, Tumi and JBL have turned into over 20, and growing every year.

While our technology has applications in many industries from automotive and aerospace to medical to electronics, we currently focus on the footwear market.

“The human body is asymmetrical and dynamic, and our technology with its asymmetrical and dynamic characteristics has very direct and relevant benefits to augmenting biomechanical performance.”

Now working with major performance footwear brand like adidas, Scott, DC, Burton our technology can be found on the feet of world-class athletes as well as thousands of regular athletes around the globe.


the carbitex promise

From our very first customer and beyond, we strive to be the best technology partner to the Brands we work with. Our support through Development, Manufacturing and Marketing helps ensure successful design integration, manufacturing efficiency and market launch.

development Support

We work closely with our Brand Partners during development to ensure our technology truly enhances the athlete's performance. Our ability to provide rapid prototyping, customize performance characteristics, test and validate, and our expert knowledge in design synthesis are all geared to help achieve their goals.

manufacturing Support

We support our Brand Partner's manufacturing teams throughout production to ensure seamless integration of our technology into their existing manufacturing processes.

marketing Support

We work directly with our Brand Partner's Marketing teams to make market launch successful. In alignment with their launch strategy we provide robust PR and digital promotion, to collaborative campaigns, and event or ambassador activations.

our values

We were built on relentless optimism, challenging convention and exceeding expectations, and we still embody those values today.


We believe we can achieve the impossible.


We achieve the highest standards of excellence in all we do.


We are curious and continually innovate.