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friendly faces

If you join us, these are some of the friendly faces you'll work with.

Eva Lv

Hey, I’m Eva and I have been with Carbitex for almost 7 years. I oversee the supply chain at Carbitex. I also work closely with our business development team on customer support. My experience of living in Asia and Europe has granted me not only language skills but also extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of foreign cultures, which helps me keep an open mind toward the global market.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling and reading. Reading takes me into worlds that can only be imagined; it broadens my mind and helps me better understand the world and others. Travelling expands my perspective, teaches me mindfulness and gratitude in life.

Favorite Carbitex-powered product in-market, adidas Adizero Pro Running shoes. I was impressed by the time and energy poured into the product development, and after having this pair I really enjoy wearing them for long walks with my family. They give me an extra pep in my step, and with no doubt I am a more confident runner.

SCOtt Woolley

My name is Scott Woolley and I am a Composite Engineer here at Carbitex. I started working for Carbitex in the early months of 2013. In these eight years I have done things from hand coating carbon fiber to meet our first Tumi order, building equipment for production, tool design for shoes, mechanical testing everything we put into our products to now working with sales and brand partners to help with any idea or need they want to make a reality with our products. 

Outside of work I race/ride motocross and trail ride when I can. I also enjoy Olympic style weightlifting and have competed in weightlifting/CrossFit events within the last few years, even qualifying for the national One Ton Challenge in 2020. I love competing in all different types of sports. 

I am super excited speedland released their brand new SL:PDX trail running shoe showcasing multitudes of technology with our plate being a large part of the shoe eco system where people can interact and see our product. 

anthony Carrato

My name is Anthony Carrato and I have been at Carbitex since October 2015. My role and responsibilities in the company are to produce high-quality OMNIFLEX carbon fiber while maintaining a high degree of attention to detail.

Outside of work I play music. I play drums in a band called The Cetra. We love to play live and put everything into the music. Also, I like to go camping with my dog Bubba, we enjoy finding new spots in Washington.

My favorite product right now would have to be a product we created a custom blue OMNIFLEX for. It’s fun to make and the end result looks great!