The Speedland GS:PDX is engineered with GearFlex, our dynamically flexible carbon fiber technology.

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The Altra Mont Blanc Carbon trail running shoe is engineered with MonoFlex, our asymmetrically flexible carbon fiber technology.

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The Footjoy Tour Alpha 3X BOA Carbon golf shoe is engineered with OmniFlex, our exceptionally flexible carbon fiber textile.

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Carbitex is the pioneer and leader in flexible composites.

Our three patented technologies, OmniFlex, MonoFlex, and GearFlex unlock a combination of benefits never before possible that eliminate the compromises of traditional materials.

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OMNIFLEX Carbon Fiber Textile

Harnesses carbon fiber's high tensile strength and zero stretch in a flexible textile maximizing power transfer and control with a textile feel.

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monoflex technology

Stiff in one direction, highly flexible in the other, providing protection and stability on uneven terrain, while not limiting natural forefoot flexibility.

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gearflex technology

Flexibility and stiffness changes to adapt and optimize the foot's natural performance.

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Asymmetrically Flexible Carbon Fiber Plates

Stiff in one direction, easily flexes in the other. 

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