Carbitex Focuses On Harnessing Carbon Fiber's Extreme Performance in a Flexible Form

We believe advanced materials are the prerequisite to being faster, stronger, and lighter - three never-ending pursuits of the human race.

Advanced Materials are Rare.

It is not often new advanced materials come to market. After being discovered in research, the advanced material is typically funded by governments, for military applications. As efforts to reduce cost start taking effect, the advanced material passes to aerospace, high-end automotive, and elite sporting equipment before finding its way into mass-market applications. It typically takes upwards of 50 years.

Carbon Fiber is This Century's Advanced Material.

Today, the use of carbon fiber is exponentially increasing. Manufacturing methods are improving and applications continue to benefit from carbon fiber's extreme and unique performance.

Our Purpose

Over the past 5 years our efforts have not only harnessed carbon fiber's extreme properties such as its high-tensile strength and low elongation, but we've uncovered a number of other unique performance benefits only found in flexible composites. While the market is focusing on rigid applications, Carbitex focuses on harnessing carbon fiber's performance in a flexible form.


It all started with a curious observation that companies were embossing leather and vinyl to mimic carbon fiber.

This observation was followed by a seemingly straightforward question - "Is there a flexible carbon fiber composite that these companies could be using instead?" The answer, "no", was the catalyst for Carbitex.

Two years of research culminated in 2011 when the materials and processes were tested at the US Department of Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. CX6TM was born and in early 2012 Carbitex was formed. Shortly thereafter, industry-leading companies such as Tumi, HARMAN, and Koenigsegg Automotive sought CX6TM for use in their premium applications.